Property Appraisal


The value of your property depends on a number of factors. We would be pleased to discuss these factors with you.

Revealing these secrets and providing you with a clearly structured report that shows you the market value of your property based on market conditions is one of our strengths. All customers have their own reasons for having their property or properties appraised.

With our daily work on the sales front, our many years of experience and our knowledge of market changes, we offer you the certainty of being able to obtain the market value for your property or of receiving an analysis of the factors that are essential for making further decisions regarding your property. If Stirnimann Immobilien is tasked with marketing a property, then the appraisal is free of charge. Should you choose to work with Stirnimann Immobilien to market your property, then it goes without saying that a comprehensive appraisal of your property will be carried out.

Please keep a copy of the following documents and information on hand for the appraisal of your property:

  • Current land register extract
  • Copy of the land register map
  • Copy of the building insurance policy, including any detailed appraisal records
  • Copy of the condo deed of constitution and condo regulations
  • Floor plans, layouts and images of your property
  • Building specifications for your property, if available
  • Previous appraisals
  • Previous sales documentation
  • Information about any renovation work carried out in the last several years.